Insight from the Post and Times-Dispatch

Religion writer Michelle Boorstein of the Washington Post seems to think that a “Latin mass controversy” attracted 3,500 Catholics to last weekend’s celebration of the extraordinary form at the Basilica of the National Shrine. Meanwhile, the Richmond Times-Dispatch trots out post-Christian Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong to assure Catholics that the Church is not a victim of biased reporting.


Pray for Bishop DiLorenzo

From the Vicar General:

Bishop DiLorenzo experienced an incident of cardiac arrhythmia last night and was admitted to the hospital. He expects to be resting at home by this afternoon after they put his heart “back in rhythm.” Please contact the Bishop’s Office at the Pastoral Center, not the hospital, if you have any questions.

 Please keep Bishop DiLorenzo in your prayers.

 Thank you very much.

 Msgr. Shreve

 Office of the Vicar GeneralCatholic Diocese of Richmond

Beyond Lame


If ever there was a need for a vigorous Catholic editorial voice in Virginia it is now. But there is no such voice – at least not below the Rappahannock. The hapless editor of the Catholic Virginian — the official organ of the Diocese of Richmond — elected this week to publish a mindless editorial that was little more than a cut-and-paste job from the VIRTUS website. The editorial ends with this:

Anyone who knows that child abuse has occurred should immediately report the matter to the local police.

No kidding.

The Catholic Virginian could be a beacon in these dark times by providing readers with news and commentary refuting attacks on the Holy Father and the Church in the mainstream media — including Virginia newspapers. An intelligently edited diocesan newspaper could help Virginia Catholics distinguish the malicious from the painful.

It has been six years since Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo arrived in Richmond. He has moved slowly but surely to restore orthodoxy and fidelity. But the old order still controls the official voice of the Diocese of Richmond. It is time for new leadership at the Catholic Virginian — selected through a process free from the influence of the Sullivanista diocesan human resources office.

Editorial Malice or Incompetence?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch today published a toxic Oliphant cartoon savaging Pope Benedict . Featuring this cartoon,  without the slightest gesture toward balance, reflects a pattern of editorial judgment — or incompetence — that should prompt Catholic readers to consider cancelling their subscriptions to Richmond’s confused and decaying “newspaper of record.”

The Washington Post — and even the New York Times — have provided space to columns defending the Pope and have published follow-up articles calling into question the reporting of writers spoon fed by trial lawyers and disgraced retired prelates, such as Rembert Weakland.

The Times-Dispatch, however, has declined to publish any reporting or commentary refuting the monstrous lie that Benedict XVI is responsible for the scandal that continues to wound the Church — while gleefully giving above-the-fold placement to hit pieces based on shoddy research and garbled translations of Latin documents.

Return of Richmond Catholic

After a long absence, Richmond Catholic returns to provide Catholics in the Diocese of Richmond with an alternative source for news, information and opinion. The editors thank readers in advance while staff become acquainted with WordPress.