Editorial Malice or Incompetence?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch today published a toxic Oliphant cartoon savaging Pope Benedict . Featuring this cartoon,  without the slightest gesture toward balance, reflects a pattern of editorial judgment — or incompetence — that should prompt Catholic readers to consider cancelling their subscriptions to Richmond’s confused and decaying “newspaper of record.”

The Washington Post — and even the New York Times — have provided space to columns defending the Pope and have published follow-up articles calling into question the reporting of writers spoon fed by trial lawyers and disgraced retired prelates, such as Rembert Weakland.

The Times-Dispatch, however, has declined to publish any reporting or commentary refuting the monstrous lie that Benedict XVI is responsible for the scandal that continues to wound the Church — while gleefully giving above-the-fold placement to hit pieces based on shoddy research and garbled translations of Latin documents.


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  1. Here is something you won’t see in the press and unfortunately not recognized by some in the Church as well.


    Now I am open to the possiblity that a man with homosexual inclinations can recognize such tendencies are disordered, refrain from taking action upon them and becoma a priest. However, the practice has clearly failed and that is yet another shortcoming that has been addressed by the Pope. It also seems clear that the same people who were championing this practice, such as Archbishop Weakland, were front and center in mishandling once it became a problem.

    Now don’t get me wrong, the Church did err in how they have handled this scandal. And such should be admitted and as has been recognized recently on Father Z’s blog, public penance would be a good thing. But part of truly dealing with this issue is going after all failings and clearly homosexuality is part of it. It’s undeniable and should be confronted for the sake of the Church and the countless number of truly great priests that do their job on a daily basis free from such misdoings.

    As for the media, I’ve written them off a long time ago. Their motivation is simply to undermine the Church.

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