Beyond Lame


If ever there was a need for a vigorous Catholic editorial voice in Virginia it is now. But there is no such voice – at least not below the Rappahannock. The hapless editor of the Catholic Virginian — the official organ of the Diocese of Richmond — elected this week to publish a mindless editorial that was little more than a cut-and-paste job from the VIRTUS website. The editorial ends with this:

Anyone who knows that child abuse has occurred should immediately report the matter to the local police.

No kidding.

The Catholic Virginian could be a beacon in these dark times by providing readers with news and commentary refuting attacks on the Holy Father and the Church in the mainstream media — including Virginia newspapers. An intelligently edited diocesan newspaper could help Virginia Catholics distinguish the malicious from the painful.

It has been six years since Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo arrived in Richmond. He has moved slowly but surely to restore orthodoxy and fidelity. But the old order still controls the official voice of the Diocese of Richmond. It is time for new leadership at the Catholic Virginian — selected through a process free from the influence of the Sullivanista diocesan human resources office.



  1. The May 3, 2010 edition used the term “Tea bagger” not once but twice. Is there no decorum even n our Diocesan newpaper?

  2. Can you explain what Bp. Dilorenzo has done, other than shut down the “Sexual Minorities Commission? ” To his credit he abolished this immediately. But when I moved into the Richmond Diocese 3 1/2 years ago several parishes were still using wine glasses as chalices at mass. Women run many of the churches. The latest church built looks more like the Dulles Airport Terminal than a church. The bishop promotes a corp speak touchy feeling We Walk By Faith programs that addresses none of the real problems besetting the Church. The priests have been reduced to little more than eucharistic mechanics – surrounded by women in the sanctuary. People openly dissent from Church teachings in parish meetings with the priest present and are never called on it. Except by me! This is why I have dropped out. I cannot afford to drive the 90 miles to the nearest “real” mass and cannot stand the modern mass offered in nearby parishes. I go once a month, when I can travel.

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