Insight from the Post and Times-Dispatch

Religion writer Michelle Boorstein of the Washington Post seems to think that a “Latin mass controversy” attracted 3,500 Catholics to last weekend’s celebration of the extraordinary form at the Basilica of the National Shrine. Meanwhile, the Richmond Times-Dispatch trots out post-Christian Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong to assure Catholics that the Church is not a victim of biased reporting.



  1. I have a better analyst. How many people stayed AWAY because of the controversy? I was there, the basilica was filled to capacity and the participants was made up of younger people. The homily will go down in Catholic History as one of the best. Other then St.Benedict’s parish where else would you hear such authentic Catholic teaching.

  2. The Richmond Diocese does NOT want anything traditional in liturgy. The Bishop is not interested in tradition. He just moves pastors around to make it look like he’s shaking things up when he really isn’t. Even if he did care about the current status of liturgy in this diocese, he clearly doesn’t know how to go about fixing it….but something tells me he likes the way it is. On a non-liturgy note: Any tabernacles brought out from hiding under his leadership? If he knows how to lead, then he likes the Sullivan-style liturgy. If he agrees with the Pope, then he clearly doesn’t know how to lead because the widespread actions of this diocese do not match the Pope’s vision of liturgy.

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