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This week’s Style Magazine – the tabloid of Richmond’s smart set – features back page commentary from Dale Brumfield, one-time underground journalist and smart guy turned Catholic apologist. Here is an excerpt:

Poorly investigated journalistic hit pieces try to portray the Catholic Church hierarchy as ground zero of a child abuse epidemic, ignoring statistical evidence that shows the majority of child abuse in America takes place inside the home, with most abusers not unmarried priests but heterosexual, often married men, who are relatives, live-in boyfriends or stepfathers of their victims.

The media doesn’t widely report that a documented 291,000 abuse cases occurred within the American public school system between 1991 and 2000, committed by teachers and employees, married and unmarried, men and women alike. According to Hofstra University scholar Charol Shakeshaft, “the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”

How deep the National Education Association is willing to bury this report remains to be seen, but there’s been little call for shuttering public schools and firing teachers as result of this study, and the anti-Catholic critics and supposedly objective journalists remain curiously oblivious of its staggering conclusions.

If only the Catholic Virginian could bring itself to publish such a spirited defense of the Church and Holy Father.



  1. I know that this is off subject but in a way maybe it’s not. If all dioceses would follow this example through prayer, adoration and asking God for his assistance,we can change the fabric of the church and bring peace to the world. It is time this diocese begin to implement and encourage Catholic devotions. I see little of it around this diocese.
    In fact to be honest it is discouraged as evidenced in the removal of the corpus from the cross on Good Friday!
    God Bless this Archbishop fro recognizing the importance of this devotion and attempting to implement it once again in his diocese.

  2. And here I always thought I stayed “aboveground”…

    Thanks, guys.


  3. The best defense is an offense. Why not change the topic from Catholic priests sexually abusing minors to public school teachers? Even though teachers should be the last bastions of morality in today’s society, priests should step up to higher morals too. I don’t like it that the church-haters celebrate when they see the church under scrutiny. And I also don’t like it when the public school-haters attack teachers and public schools. All of this could have been avoided if people had called the police instead of the diocesan or parish office when their kids were abused

  4. You know, if you never post updates, folks will stop checking your blog.

  5. It is time for this Blog to start posting articles about what is happening/and not happening in our dioceses.

  6. C’mon! We need your voices here in the Richmond Diocese.

    You guys have much more insider info than I do…

  7. Meanwhile, the folks at Richmond Catholic continue to sit on their hands…

  8. You guys made a good start… what happened? C’mon, there’s lots to write about…

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