New SSPX seminary getting hard to ignore in Richmond

The Catholic Virginian, the official organ of the Diocese of Richmond, has finally taken notice of the rapidly progressing construction in Buckingham County of the SSPX’s new Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary. The indispensable  Rorate Caeli notes the lack of charity in the CV’s article about the project. The CV reports on the effort of a local diocesan priest to quash the curiosity and enthusiasm of his parishioners but makes no mention of any effort on the part of the priest or Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo to make the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite more available to Catholics in the western portion of the diocese. The traditional mass is offered only sporadically at Our Lady of Peace in Appomattox thanks to the efforts of the Southwest Virginia Latin Mass Society and visiting FSSP and Benedictine priests from Richmond and Hampton Roads. Seminary


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  1. The two FSSP parishes in the Richmond diocese are the only oases that exist in this spiritual wasteland, not counting the SSPX presence. A Rosary Crusade for the Diocese should be started, praying for the clergy and staff. Perhaps the constant inquiries they’ve been getting about St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary should become a wake-up call to the Chancery concerning the spiritually hungry and confused flock, but I doubt that they will get the hint anytime soon!

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