Bishop ill served … again.

DiLorenzoOnce again, Bishop Francis DiLorenzo has been ill served by a Sullivan-era holdover. This time, it was the editor of the Catholic Virginian, who ran a stunningly inaccurate diatribe against the Society of Saint Pius X in the July 8 edition of the diocesan newspaper. On July 22, the CV published a statement addressing most of the inaccuracies and ending with a gracious appeal for reconciliation between Rome and the Traditionalist society:

 Let us pray for restoration of the unity of all Christians in Christ, and that the Society of St. Pius X will be reconciled with ecclesiastical authority.

Richmond Catholic commends Bishop DiLorenzo for his swift action. Regardless of how adherents of the late “Good Bishop” view the society, the new SSPX seminary in Buckingham County will soon be a part of the diocesan landscape. This is a sensitive matter that demands wisdom and charity — not reporting that would embarrass a middle school newspaper.


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  1. There seems to be so much to do. Does the diocese still call for the cross without the traditional corpus on Good Friday? Are our deacons still told to stand at the time the missal asks deacons to kneel for the consecration at Mass (see #34)?

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