Dispatch from the liturgy wars

Australian professor_rowlandCatholic scholar and author Tracey Rowland has caused quite a stir in the Trad blogosphere with her comments on perceived barriers to greater interest in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.


Poetry corner





Hilary of Long Skirts on the SSPX seminary in rural Virginia.


You can build a Hindu Temple
You can build a Mega Church
A Mosque with many minarets
Where muezzins sit and perch.

Jehovah Witness Halls
A Synagogue, you bet
But a Christian Seminary
Is the one and only threat.

Rama – dama – ding – dong
The People pray and sing
Amazing Grace, there’s no disgrace
‘Cause nice is everything.

Except this Seminary
Of line, Melchisedech
Hova, Yahweh, Allah…
But certain Christians keep in check!

Richmond Catholic sees all!

flyingnunOnce again, Richmond Catholic solicits unvarnished and objective reviews of liturgies in the Diocese of Richmond. Traveling? Don’t rush home for mass at your home parish – visit another parish! (But don’t forget to make a double offering next Sunday at your home parish.) Submit your reviews as comments in response to this post. Be a part of the fun as Richmond Catholic scours the diocese in search of liturgical diversity!

From the sublime to the …

Two headlines today from the Catholic News Agency:


Proclaim wisdom of the Church boldly, exhorts Archbishop Chaput



Pope Francis

Buy humble bicycles, Pope advises future priests, nuns



A study in contrasts …

DiLorenzoThe Diocese of Richmond’s swift reaction to the rising SSPX menace in Buckingham County is in stark contrast to its reluctance to deal with 30 years of irregular “blended” Catholic-Episcopal worship at Holy Apostles in Virginia Beach.  And, as Rorate Caeli commenter Dan Hunter noted yesterday, the warning in the Catholic Virginian this week about attending an SSPX mass was not quite accurate. According to Rome, the Sunday obligation can be fulfilled at an SSPX chapel:

The question I posed the Commission Ecclesia Dei was simply this: “Can a Catholic in good standing fulfill his Sunday and holy day obligation at a Mass at a chapel of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X?

The Rev. Msgr. Camille Perl, the former Secretary, second in charge of the PCED, responded to my query personally, in a letter dated 20 March, 2009, by stating:

“Our response is that it is possible to fulfill the Sunday and holy day obligation by assisting at Masses of priests of the Society of St. Pius X, but until such time as their situation is regularized in the Church, even though they are part of the Church, we cannot recommend your doing so.”

All this said, we must state that Richmond Catholic is not a “Traditionalist” blog. None of its editors attends an SSPX chapel. We also believe the SSPX erred tragically in not accepting Pope Benedict’s generous offer of an ordinariate.

But the SSPX’s Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary will soon be a reality in the Diocese of Richmond. Richmond Catholic hopes that Bishop Francis DiLorenzo will approach this challenge with wisdom, charity and the spirit of Benedict XVI.

New SSPX seminary getting hard to ignore in Richmond

The Catholic Virginian, the official organ of the Diocese of Richmond, has finally taken notice of the rapidly progressing construction in Buckingham County of the SSPX’s new Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary. The indispensable  Rorate Caeli notes the lack of charity in the CV’s article about the project. The CV reports on the effort of a local diocesan priest to quash the curiosity and enthusiasm of his parishioners but makes no mention of any effort on the part of the priest or Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo to make the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite more available to Catholics in the western portion of the diocese. The traditional mass is offered only sporadically at Our Lady of Peace in Appomattox thanks to the efforts of the Southwest Virginia Latin Mass Society and visiting FSSP and Benedictine priests from Richmond and Hampton Roads. Seminary

And so the old order passes away …

Colorful Catholic priest Rev. Thomas Quinlan dies